Annual Conference 2021 (Belgrade)

The EuroXanth COST Action will hold its 4th Annual Conference on “Integrating science on Xanthomonadaceae for integrated plant disease management in Europe” in BelgradeSerbia, from 28 to 30 June 2021. The conference will serve as a platform to exchange knowledge and to share technical knowhow with respect to members of the Xanthomonadaceae family. Registration for the conference has been closed (Deadline: March 21, 2021).

The conference will address topics of all four Working Groups:
Session 1: Diagnostics & Diversity – Population Structure
Session 2: Pathogen Biology
Session 3: Genetic Resistance – Host Defence
Session 4: Disease Management – Vector Control

Confirmed keynote speakers:

Name Affiliation Country
Ulla BONAS Martin Luther University, Halle (Saale) Germany
Neha POTNIS Auburn University, Auburn, AL USA
Maria SAPONARI Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection, Bari Italy
Boris A. VINATZER Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA USA
Bing YANG University of Missouri, Columbia, MO USA

Scientific Committee of the conference:

Name Role Country Working group
KOEBNIK, Ralf Chair FR WG2
CATARA, Vittoria Vice Chair IT WG3
COSTA, Joana WG1 Leader PT WG1
POTHIER, Joël WG2 Leader CH WG2
BOCH, Jens WG3 Leader DE WG3
STEFANI, Emilio WG4 Leader IT WG4
OBRADOVIĆ, Aleksa MC Member RS WG4
GAŠIC, Katarina MC Member RS WG1
MORELLI, Massimiliano ECI Representative IT WG1


The conference will be held at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Agriculture, 6 Nemanjina Street, 11080 Belgrade/Zemun (Serbia).

Participants who come on their own costs will be requested to pay a registration fee of 120 €. COST-supported participants will be asked to pay a “meals fee” of 80 €, which will cover three lunches and one dinner provided by the organiser.


Since Belgrade is located on two rivers (the Sava and the Danube), crossing them on a daily basis could be time consuming due to the road-works and traffic jams. Therefore, we advise you to choose a hotel located either in Novi Beograd (New Belgrade) or in Zemun.

Belgrade has a network of trams, buses, and trolleybuses. All forms of public transport use the same ticket (‘BUS PLUS’). Tickets (90 min, 1-, 3- or 5-day ticket) can be bought at the kiosks, in many shops and in the bus. Be sure that you validate your ticket as soon as you get into the vehicle.

How to get to Belgrade/Zemun (Земун) from the Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport

By taxi
In case your hotel does not provide the transfer, the organisers suggest Taxi. There is an Info Desk inside the arrival hall of the airport building, on the right side close to the exit, where you can get a taxi voucher and upon exit you pick the first available taxi car in the line outside the hall. If you chose a hotel in New Belgrade or Zemun you will receive the voucher for the first zone at a fixed taxi rate of 1,400.00 dinars. The bill can be paid by cash but also by a credit card in most taxi companies. That way you will make sure the taxi service is in line with the most favorable rate. Yet, please keep in mind that the EuroXanth COST Action cannot cover taxi expenses unless you arrive later than 10 p.m. or leave earlier than 7 a.m.

By public transportation (bus line 607)
Route: Surčin (Airport) – New Belgrade.
Ticket price: RSD89 (if purchased at the kiosk), RSD150 (if purchased in the bus)
Approximate travel time: 30 minutes

How to reach the Faculty of Agriculture

Hotels suggested below are at walking distance from the Faculty. However, if you opt for some other hotels, many public bus lines stop nearby: 15, 17, 73, 81L, 82, 83, 84, 85, 88, 704, 706, 707.


List of suggested hotels located near the Faculty of Agriculture:

We are currently working on special rates in the listed hotels and will inform you as soon as we have new information.


We plan a visit of the Royal Mausoleum of Oplenac, which is located 80 km South of Belgrade on top of the Oplenac Hill in the town Topola. This half-day trip, which we wish to combine with a wine tasting, will come with a small fee in order to cover the extra expenses.



Daily catering and coffee/tea will be provided to all participants. Special dietary requirements should be indicated in the registration form.

Climate in Belgrade

Belgrade has a moderate continental climate, with four seasons. Autumn can be long with beautiful colors and pleasant temperatures.

Serbian currency

The official currency in Serbia is the Serbian Dinar (RSD). The current exchange rate is (1 Euro = 118 RSD), but you may also check on the website of the National Bank of Serbia. Accepted forms of payment in Serbia include cash and all major credit cards. It is also very convenient to have some Serbian Dinars in your pocket to pay for a cab, coffee, drink and generally when paying small bills. For shopping and for restaurants you can use credit cards. Money may be exchanged in all banks and post offices, as well as in numerous authorised exchange offices.

ATMs and banking hours

ATMs are everywhere in Belgrade, especially in shopping centres and downtown. There are also some points in the airport. They operate on international networks and you can use them to withdraw money using your debit card or getting a credit cash advance.


Tap water in Belgrade is safe to drink.


The voltage and frequency in Belgrade are 220 volts.


There are pharmacies all over the city and normal opening hours are 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Telephone Codes

The area code for Belgrade in national traffic is 011. The area code for Serbia in international traffic is 381. To call a foreign country from Belgrade, you should dial the international code 00, then the country area code, the city area code (without 0) and, finally, the telephone number of the subscriber.

Emergency Services
Police – 192
Fire department – 193
Ambulance –194
Miscellaneous information – 9812
Weather information – 9823

Useful Links
Faculty of Agriculture:
Airport – Public transportation:
Airport – Taxi service:
National Bank of Serbia:
Touristic information about Serbia:
Tourist organisation of Belgrade:


Feel free to contact us for any content-related matters or organizational and logistical issues at the following addresses:

Aleksa Obradović (
Katarina Gašić (

With kind regards,

Ralf Koebnik, Chair of the COST Action
Aleksa Obradović, Chair of Local Organising Committee
Cécile Gerdy, Grant Holder Administrator

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