Friday, June 21, 2024
COST Action CA16107 EuroXanth

Dissemination Meeting 2019 (Grenoble)

The 2nd Dissemination Meeting took place in Grenoble, France, in the frame of the 5th Symposium of the French PHAGE Network (October 8-9, 2019). Our EuroXanth COST Action was presented by our WG4 Vice Leader Tamás Kovács (Enviroinvest Zrt., Pécs, Hungary).

The main goal of this symposium was to bring together the experience of French and foreign scientists whose activities focus on different aspects of bacteriophages, from basic biology to industrial application. This symposium was of specific interest for WG4, which considers phage applications as a means of biocontrol. Topics included:
  • Ecology and evolution
  • Structure and assembly
  • Phage-host interaction
  • Therapy and biotechnology
Thanks a lot, Tamás, for your talk in Grenoble on October 8!