Saturday, May 18, 2024
COST Action CA16107 EuroXanth

Core Group Meeting 2019 (Catania)

When the EuroXanth COST Action CA16107 approached its midterm in April 2019, a Core Group Meeting was organised at the Università degli Studi di Catania, Dipartimento di Agricoltura e Ambiente, in Catania/Sicily, Italy, on February 25-27, 2019, in order to plan the second half of this COST Action. 

In addition to Members of the Core Group, key persons from other multi-national initiatives in our field had been invited, thus fostering our links to them, generating synergistic effects and achieving sustainable outputs. This meeting improved the research coordination and capacity building activities of the COST Action, as stated in the Memorandum of Understanding, and fostered existing and created new links with the other European initiatives.

The meeting welcomed 21 participants from 14 countries (see below) and served as a platform to discuss strategic issues (organisation of COST events during the upcoming grant periods; preparatory work for tangible Deliverables; budget planning; midterm reporting, opportunities for dissemination activities) and to evaluate approaches how to better encourage Early Career Investigators to take leading positions.

List of Participants

Name Role Country Consortium
BOCH, Jens WG3 Leader DE EuroXanth
BOSIS, Eran WG2 Vice Leader IL EuroXanth
BRAGARD, Claude Chair BE EFSA Panel on Plant Health
CARUSO, Paola Coordinator IT ORPRAMed
CATARA, Vittoria Vice Chair IT EuroXanth
CIRVILLERI, Gabriella MC Substitute IT EuroXanth
COSTA, Joana WG1 Leader PT EuroXanth
DREO, Tanja Panel Member SI EPPO Panel on Diagnostics in Bacteriology
EL MOUJABBER, Maroun Coordinator IT Cure-XF
HOLEVA, Maria C. MC Member GR EuroXanth
JACQUES, Marie-Agnès Internal & Financial Monitoring Reporter FR EuroXanth
KALUZNA, Monika STSM Coordinator PL EuroXanth
KOEBNIK, Ralf Chair FR EuroXanth
KOVACS, Tamas WG4 Vice Leader HU EuroXanth
LESTER, Katherine Coordinator GB Euphresco Xylella fastidiosa and its insect vectors”
MORELLI, Massimiliano ECI IT EuroXanth
OBRADOVIC, Aleksa Panel Member RS POnTE
PEŇÁZOVÁ, Eliška ECI CZ EuroXanth
POTHIER, Joël F. WG2 Leader CH EuroXanth
SAPONARI, Maria Coordinator IT XF-ACTORS and Euphresco “Harmonized protocol for monitoring and detection of Xylella fastidiosa in its host plants and its vectors”
VICENTE, Joana Science Communication Manager GB EuroXanth

The Minutes of the Core Group Meeting are available for download: Core Group Meeting Catania 2019 Minutes.