Friday, July 19, 2024
COST Action CA16107 EuroXanth

WG Meeting 2018 (Zagreb)

The EuroXanth COST Action held its 2nd Working Group Meeting at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, Croatia, on September 11-12, 2018. The meeting welcomed 19 participants from 12 countries (see below) and served as a platform to discuss strategic issues (organisation of COST events during the upcoming grant periods; preparatory work for tangible deliverables) with respect to Working Group WG1 (Diagnostics & Diversity – Population Structure).

List of Participants

Name Role Country Working group
BARANEK, Miroslav MC Member CZ WG1
BRAGARD, Claude MC Member BE WG4
CATARA, Vittoria Vice Chair IT WG3
COSTA, Joana MC Member PT WG1 Leader
CUBERO, Jaime MC Member ES WG2
DERMIC, Damir Guest HR Guest
DERMIC, Edyta MC Member HR WG4
GODENA, Sara MC Member HR WG1
JACQUES, Marie-Agnès MC Member FR WG1
KOEBNIK, Ralf Chair FR WG2
OBRADOVIC, Aleksa MC Member RS WG4
PETTER, Francoise Guest FR WG1
PODVRSNIK, Katarina Guest HR Guest
POTHIER, Joël F. WG2 Leader CH WG2
SAPONARI, Maria MC Substitute IT WG1
SKANDALIS, Nicholas MC Member GR WG1 Vice Leader
TAVARES, Fernando MC Member PT WG1
VICENTE, Joana MC Member GB WG1

The Minutes of the WG Meeting are available for download: WG1 Meeting Zagreb 2018 Minutes.