Monday, April 22, 2024
COST Action CA16107 EuroXanth

EuroXanth @ COST Connect: Water for Food and Agriculture in the Mediterranean Area

Dear colleagues,

On 28th of June, our EuroXanth Vice Chair Vittoria Catara attended the COST Event titled: “COST Connect: Water for Food and Agriculture in the Mediterranean Area” ( This workshop provided an open space for the identification of relevant R&I and policy topics for the Mediterranean area in relation to:

  1. Smart and sustainable farming
  2. Improved land- and water- sustainability and management; new governance models
  3. Reduced pests and pathogens in farming
  4. Innovative solutions in agri-business

This event was of great interest for each of the Countries participating in our COST Action, as a delegate from each COST Action dealing with agriculture was present (approx 30). In addition, discussions were held with stakeholders of ERANETMED, ARIMNet-2, the Coordination and Support Action 4PRIMA, JPI Water and FACCE, DG RTD, DG AGRI and several other DGs, JRC, EIT KICs, EUREKA Agri, EIPs, etc. Most importantly, the outputs are thought to drive new calls for workshops or projects.

All in all, this workshop was a unique opportunity to increase the awareness on the EuroXanth objectives and on plant-pathogenic bacteria in general.

Thank you very much, Vittoria, for having represented our COST Action in Brussels!

Best regards,

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