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International Course on Xylella fastidiosa in Spain

From 12-16 November 2018, the CIHEAM Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Agronomic Studies in Zaragoza (Spain) will be organizing an advanced course for professionals on Plant diseases caused by Xylella fastidiosa: detection, identification, monitoring and control”. The course will involve 14 European and international expert lecturers and is being sponsored by the Spanish Agriculture Ministry and supported by several EU projects – XF-Actors, POnTE and MSCA-RISE CURE XF.

The week long course will consist of 40 hours of expert training and will include 10 hours of practical hands-on learning sessions. It will count on the participation of some of the top plant health and Xylella experts in Europe and the rest of the world and will provide one of the most comprehensive expert trainings on this new and emerging disease to date.  The course has been designed to provide training and share expert knowledge for professionals, technical experts and scientists who need to update or improve their knowledge to assess and manage this emerging disease in Europe. The course has been developed for Mediterranean and European professionals and is also open to a number of experts from other global regions who need to update their scientific and technical knowledge in this area.

For full programme, participation and scholarships details:

Please mark these days in your agenda. Interested Early-Career Investigators (ECIs) from Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITCs) are invited to apply for an ITC Conference Grant.

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