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Training School on “Tracking bacteria in planta”

This is the first announcement of the 5-day Training School on “Tracking bacteria in planta“, which will take place in Castanet-Tolosan, France, from March 9-13, 2020. We are now receiving applications – please consult our website. We are planning to support 12 trainees in total, covering most of their expenses by specific COST Action grants.

The 3rd Training School of the EuroXanth COST Action will address address different aspects of in planta analyses (strategies and methods) to study Xanthomonadaceae-plant interactions during the infection process. The Training School will start with a presentation of pathosystems differing by their ecology and mechanisms of interactions (Xanthomonas translucensXanthomonas campestris, Xylella fastidiosa). Inoculation methods and their impact on patho-assay outcomes will be discussed. Methods of in planta infection monitoring using high-resolution microscopy, flow cytometry, and more classical bacterial population estimation (in planta growth) will be presented and practical courses will be held at the Cell Biology Platform (Toulouse, France).

OMICs have revolutionized the field of molecular plant pathology by increasing the number of available genome sequences and leading to development of new methods for in planta analysis of bacterias’ lifestyle. This Training School will address in planta transcriptomic analyses presenting different protocols, different methods of biostatistical analysis and their impacts on outcomes. Omics methods for in planta bacterial fitness will also be addressed, including different TnSeq methods and associated biostatistics. Benefits of these methods will be discussed.

With kind regards,

Alice Boulanger and Laurent Noël (Local Organisers)
Ralf Koebnik (Chair of the COST Action)

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