Friday, July 19, 2024
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First two calls for Conference Grants

Dear colleagues,

We are delighted to announce the first two specific calls for Conference Grants from the COST Action EuroXanth:

Conference grants are intended to support the participation of Early Career Investigators from Inclusiveness Target Countries at international conferences. For more information, please consult the websites and the COST Vademecum for details on eligibility for application and the reimbursement rules.

If you wish to attend one of these conferences, please send the abstract of your presentation and your CV of max. 2 pages to the STSM Coordinator (Dr Monika Kałużna,, to the Chair (Dr Ralf Koebnik, and to the Grant Holder Administrator (Audrey Canado-Janjon, before the deadline (September 10 and 1, respectively). 

Successful applicants will be eligible for reimbursement by the EuroXanth COST Action. Travel, accommodation and subsistence costs as well as the registration fee will all be reimbursed, in line with the COST Travel Reimbursement Rules. Please be aware that you need to provide all travel documents and relevant receipts (registration fee) within 4 weeks after return from the conference in order to get reimbursed.

If you are aware of other conferences with relevance to the EuroXanth COST Action, please feel free to share your suggestions with us so that we can include them in future Conference Grants calls.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

With kind regards,
Monika Kałużna (STSM Coordinator)
Ralf Koebnik (Chair)
Audrey Canado-Janjon (Grant Holder Administrator)

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